Wrong hard drive ? which one to buy ?


Good morning guys ,
I just installed a
WD Blue 4TB PC Hard Drive - 5400 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache, 3.5" - WD40EZRZ in my Dell 5675 , when I turned it on the new hard drive didn't show up , I carefully replaced the previous 1 that I also added , exact procedure, power cable ,Sata cable, but it's not listed.
Did I buy an incompatible HD ?
The dell site doesn't show available parts for it so I can't find out what's compatible.
I'm looking for a very reliable, durable , high rated 3 or 4 TB HD.
Please help.



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You shouldn't really have a problem with it unless it'd faulty. It could also be that the drive hasn't been initialised. If you can use a working computer and you have a hard drive USB caddy you could plug it into that computer and see what disk management says. You may have to set up the partition/s to view the drive. Having said I have replaced dozens of hard drives over the years and I have only had to do that once.

It could also be that your present computer is unable to see a 4Tb HDD. Again disk manager should be able to divide your hard drive into viewable partitions. Of course that may be not what you want.


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Did you go into bios to see if it showed up in there? Maybe the reason it didn't show up is it isn't formatted. Or maybe check your manual for the computer and see if you can put in a 4tb drive?


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You need to go into disk management and format/partition the drive first before windows explorer will see it and you can use it. Just go into disk management and right click on the unallocated space and click on create new simple volume then follow the prompts.


Thank you guys , so I guess it is compatibile , I just have to find out if my pc takes 4 TB or formatte it,
I'm not sure how to go into the bios but I'll try.
Last I hope it's not DOA.
I'll buy also a 2TB just in case.
Have a nice day


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I'm pretty sure your 4Tb will be good. As long as you can get into disk manager from Windows, as said twice, you should be able to partition it and format it.