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Discussion in 'Computer Equipment For Sale' started by funkysnair, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. funkysnair

    funkysnair VIP Member

    i have a dell optiplex gx270 wich i want to turn into a media player for my sanyo z3 lcd projector.
    just basicly wanting to play the likes of iplayer etc through it off the internet

    my projector has a wealth of connections but i have already routed a 20 meter hdmi "white" cable round the room so basicly i want a gpu thats gonna produce a decent image with a dvi output as i can buy an adapter from dvi to hdmi

    i know its not gonna produce bluray picture but aslong as its decent enough ill be happy, i already have a bluray player for movies this is just as an extra..

    i do have a brand new (but opened) ASUS EAH 5450 GPU which i purchased in error from pc world for £30-still got receipt-could do swap pm me your offers

    cheers people
  2. Fooozball

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    crap... you're in the UK.
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  3. funkysnair

    funkysnair VIP Member

    Yeh man, uk all the way

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