xd memory card error, please please help!


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Hi there,
Really hoping someone can help me...

So I've been on an amazing safari holiday and while I was there one of my memory cards suddenly decided not to work anymore!

Its an olympus xd M+ card, brand new card had only used it for that day as I'd filled up my other one. Had been happily snapping away and then next time I turn the camera on I just get a message on the screen saying card error :(

I cant do anything with it, can't view any photos on the camera, I just get the card error message. Have also tried putting it directly into a laptop and also in a card reader but computer doesn't even recognise that its there!

Please please can someone help, surely all the photos aren't lost??


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Hate to be the baren of bad news but it sounds like your card is bad in which case there's not going to be much of anything you can do.