xD-Picture card.

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The Camera is an Olympus 710 And I just got my girl a one gig Xd card for it. the camera isn't the problem it uses other Xd cards with out a problem. For some reason this xD card randomly needs to be formated. We will be taking pictures one second and another second the camera will ask us to format it, now before i was able to put the card in my card reader and get the pictures off it but this time when i did it still needed to be formated, so i tried to format it thinking i would use R-studio to recover the pictures but when i try and format it, i get an error that says it can't complet the format. I don't have her camera to try and have that format it because she lives in the next state over and i dont have a car...

Any ideas on how to get this thing formated or how to get the pictures off it?


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Well if you've tried to format it, you probably lost all the pics on it...

What kind of card is it? Sometimes cheaper off-brand cards give such problems. I know I had many problems with my cheap San-disk and Lexar SD cards.


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well first if u mean recover by getting pics after formatting ur way off...sd and xd cards use a type of flash memory...once u format that u cant get it back srry....anyway have u tried formatting on ur comp...cuz that would be a better way to format....if u have then i would say u need a new chip...i know they are kinda expensive but thats the only way....ud have to get a chip from a manufacturer that uve heard of that has good stuff...olympus is not known for its memory cards lol SanDisk actually has some good cards...my mp3 player runs with a SanDisk sd gig chip...its been running with that for over 1 1/2 years so i would recomend that type
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