XP 3000+ prob

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Sturmgoat, May 8, 2004.

  1. Sturmgoat

    Sturmgoat New Member

    I'm having real hassle here guys and i'd really appreciate
    any help. I've got 2 computers an amd 2600+ and a 3000+.
    They are stable if i set the bios so they run at 1700mhz.
    if i take it higher than this i get intermittant crashes - the
    monitor switches off and the keyboard goes dead. originally
    i only had 1 computer with this problem. i relaced every part
    - cpu hd ram floppy cd even down to the case and cables, but
    still the problem. now, with all the new bits, i'vr got 2 computers
    and the 2nd one crashes in exactly the same way as well :confused: .
    i must be doing something obvious wrong. plz help
    someone i am a muppet.
  2. charly

    charly New Member

    i had same problem with ASUS. but it mattered only to 1 kind of CPU. at a mysterious way it worked well also at 1700Mhz. It occoured also with my ABIT, but that fault was a result of old DDR.
  3. Death_Shadow

    Death_Shadow New Member

    Maybe the chips you bought aren't able to be over clocked to any speed other than their sold operating speed which is 1700Mhz i presume

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