xps 1640 motherboard error

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by volcano1, Oct 24, 2017.

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    so i got the 3 led lights indicating a motherboard chipset error. my first thing i did was redo the thermal paste on the gpu and cpu. i also forgot one of the chipset termal pads when i put the heat sink back together and i also put a thermal pad plus thermal paste on what ever is in between the cpu and gpu which i was not supposed to do. it booted up for like 2 minutes and started shutting down and went back to throwing the 3 led code for motherboard chipset error. i am using windows 10 pro. i also installed a new palm rest right before but i dont see how that would short out the motherboard. so i am uncertian if the motherboard is really dead because i dont want to buy a new board just to not fix the problem. i also pulled board out and did not see anything wrong with the board no blown capatiors or anything. my battery was about 7 years old so i also replaced the battery doesnt fix anything.
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    Try reseating RAM.

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