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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by johnny, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. johnny

    johnny New Member

    Who remembers their first computer? I do I was in grade 5 when I got it. One of the laywers at the building she cleaned gave it to her when he replaced it and she gave it to me cause I loved computers.
    Here are the spec from what I remember

    Intel Pentium 486
    Windows 3.1 Windows for Wrkstation
    Floppy Drive
    2-16 MB Ram

    So if you remember your first computer post your story and the specs.
  2. g4m3rof1337

    g4m3rof1337 New Member


    When the original imacs prolly first came out.
    i was in 3rd grade prolly
    the all in one computer

    then first windows pc... *desktop* i was on laptops for a little while.
    first was last year lol

    i was on other computers, i wasnt in the stone age.
    but yeah

    cant remember specs for mac, except it was green and its now in storage, windows pc is behind me
  3. Jet

    Jet VIP Member

    My family had a 486 for a while, but that was before I knew anything about computers. The first computer I remember was this (still in use as a folding machine):

    Intel P3 1Ghz
    512MB PC133 SDRAM (was 128 before I upgraded it)
    20GB IDE hard drive
    Nvidia Geforce 2 MX200 32MB (runs most older games (Rise of Nations, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, etc), though a bit slow :) )
    Sound blaster Live!
  4. _simon_

    _simon_ New Member

    A Commadore Amgia 500 when I was about 11.

    It came with 512k memory but my uncle bought me the memory upgrade taking it to whopping 1Mb and my gran bought me a colour dot matrix printer!

    Processor: Motorola 68000 @ 7.16 MHz 7.09 MHz (PAL)
    Memory: 512 KiB (9.5 MiB maximum)
    OS: Workbench 1.3
    HDD: None

    For those of you too young to even know, this was back in the day when your OS came on floppy disks that you would have to manually load each and every time you turned your machine on. Playing games that came on multiple floppies was very time consuming!

    Briefly I've had:

    Amiga 500
    ICL 486 SX 33
    ICL 486 DX 2 66
    Custom Cyrix 166+
    Self built Athlon 1700+
    Self Built Athlon 3200+
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  5. jimmymac

    jimmymac VIP Member

    Well my first PC was an IBM 80286 running at something like 7Mhz I think. Went something like :

    IBM PS/2 80286 7Mhz
    640k base memory (expanding memory was like buying gold dust then)
    20 MB HDD
    No gfx
    Internal speaker only (so it beeped :) )
    3.5" disk drive (now that was special!!!! )

    OS : Dos 5.1 (I think)


    and there she is, loved this machine to be fair, the big flick switch to power on was a beast, almost felt like it should have had a crank shaft to power it up.

    It played Dune so I was happy with it.

    I did have others prior to that but not considered a pc to be fair
  6. RayH

    RayH New Member

    Fun topic...

    My first was a 386-25dx with 2mb of ram. Then I wanted to play Doom but the ram was maxed out so I bought a mb/chip/mem upgrade that upped it to a 486-25sx w/4mb of ram I believe. Then I had a 486-66, then I think my next one was a Cyrix-133 (man I remember thinking that it was LIGHTENING fast!). Gets kind of muddy from there but now I have a total of 7 systems!

    I actually adopted a new one too that I'm getting today, an HP TC1000 Tablet. Can't wait to play around with that, I'll get to sit on the couch and play with my computer while the wife watches TV (bonus points for hanging out with her instead of down in the computer room)!
  7. The_Other_One

    The_Other_One VIP Member

    I was thinking someone already had done this...but maybe not.

    Our first family computer was an Apple IIc. My first computer was an old Tandy PC1000 someone gave to me back around 1997. However, my first PC I could actually do anything with was my 486SX/33MHz, 8M RAM, 512KB video, 500MB HDD, 12x CD-ROM, cheapo sound card, external 28.8 modem, OOOOLD VGA monitor(it had a fan in it!). Man I did a lot with that computer...
  8. nffc10

    nffc10 New Member

    I can't remember the name but i can vaguely remember the specs,

    brought in 1999 or 2000: (good start :))
    Pentium III about 700Mhz,
    12GB HD,
    128mb PC100 ram,
    Voodoo 3 graphics card 16mb (I think),
    Windows 98

    I can always remember when i got a chicken run game and my dad left me upstairs to play on it and it crashed! In those days i didn't know the difference between a HD and a CD drive! So i sat up there pressing every button that i could in the hope to revive what i thought i had permenantly broke, in the end i plucked up the courage to tell my dad. He just went up stairs restarted it and got me playing again, i was sooooooo confuzed!
  9. jasonz

    jasonz New Member

    Yes, i think i got first place so far. I got all the hammy down computers from relatives when they got new ones. My first machine, a 286(dont know specs) with DOS, then i got either a 386 or 486 w/ windows 3.1 on it. I played commander keen, wolf 3d, duke nukem, secret agent, little crap like that. Believe it or not, my next computer is the one i have now, my laptop(1gig ram, 100gb HDD...) when i moved out. Quite an upgrade if i do say so myself. Parents never wanted get a computer.
  10. funkysnair

    funkysnair VIP Member

    i had an AMSTRAD 6128...

    all my friends had the ones that used the tape deck and mine had a floppy drive!!! i used to think i was great (i dont even use them now)
  11. m0nk3ys1ms

    m0nk3ys1ms Active Member

    I'm 110% sure there has been a thread of this before.
  12. Lane

    Lane New Member

    40 meg hard drive
    5-1/2" floppy drive
    1 meg of ram (can't remember)
    windows 3.1

    I beleive it was like 1993 I got it.

    Slow as heck, but what did I care, some one gave it to me.
  13. Lane

    Lane New Member

    Yes, I beleive doom drove computers to the next level,lol. I loved that game, then came quake, well wrong forum for this so I will stop.
  14. kof2000

    kof2000 New Member

    32MB EDO RAM
    28.8K MODEM
    8X CDROM
    comes with a bunch of software and games like hp nowdays do.

    cost like 2000 at the time (1994) from computer city.... now known as compusa... i'm not sure about the history if they bought out or it became computer city lmao.

    whenever i dial on the internet it will make this annoying loud TICK out and as well as hanging up and also it would hang the computer if i get disconnected from the internet because of a time out. it will not even run any video smoothly lmao.

    i did like playing doom and journey man though :)
  15. kingsPC

    kingsPC New Member

    I was having a 4MB PC long long time ago
  16. 69mako

    69mako New Member

    Our first home computer was a

    20 MB HD
    1 MB mem

    We soon afterwards upgraded with the following:

    200 MB HD
    4 MB mem for a total of 5MB
    math co-processor

    Boy was it a screamer!!

  17. ceewi1

    ceewi1 VIP Member

    An Amstrad 1512. 8Mhz CPU, 512KB RAM, single 5.25" floppy disk, no hard drive.
    Everything had to be run off the floppy disk drive.
  18. Grey410

    Grey410 New Member


    My first was a Dell 486 DX2 66
    Second: AMD K62 300 w/ Voodoo II 12mb 256 mb ram
    Third: Celeron 300A OC'd to 450Mhz (yeah baby smokin) Voodoo II 12mb w/256mb ram
    Fourth AMD Athlon 1800XP Geforce 3 MX 440 64mb 512mb ram
    Fifth AMD Athlong 2200XP Geforce 4 Ti4200 1gb ram
    Sixth P4 3.4Ghz 6800GT 256mb ram 2gb Mem
    Seventh AMD 64 3200 6800GT 256mb 2gb mem
    Eigth currently the E6600 in sig. :D

    I'm just waiting for the first AI so it can constantly belittle me and tell me I'm dumb lol! Then I can threaten to burn it to slag. :p

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