Your IP address can be used by malware to get to your laptop and mess it up?

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Please advise if computer hackers can hack into your laptop by knowing what is the IP address of your home router?

I have an EE 4G mobile wifi router. This has an IP address written on the back of it. So I guess its IP address is fixed to that.(?)

Now, I have also been connecting USB sticks into work PC’s, and then connecting these same USB sticks to my home laptop, in order to continue working at home. Now it emerges that the companys have set their PC’s up to put malware etc onto USB sticks so connected. I know this because IT staff have recounted to me what youtube songs I listened to the night before, and even repeated exerpts of conversation I had with my partner, the previous evening. I also believe it may be why my home laptop is freezing and hanging regulatly….the “blue circle” has almost become my personal “coat of arms”.

Anyway, I have re-installed windows on the home laptop, but am still getting problems. I actually wonder if they virus’d the USB stick such that it made my home laptop transmit my router IP address to them. Then knowing this IP address…they could hack into my laptop and make it freeze etc?

I say this because my home laptop is regularly freezing. Strangely this tends to happen mostly between the hours of 11am to 5pm weekdays. When my laptop freezes, and can’t get on the internet, I then take it to the local coffee shop, and go on their wifi there, with no problems.

So this is kind of making me think that the hackers (or their malware) have got my home router IP address, and are able to use it to mess up my home laptop?

I mean, I am on coffee shop wifi now, and my home laptop is fine. (it couldn’t get on the internet 10 mins ago when I was at home) So I am thinking there is some connection with my home router, and its IP address, being “known” to the malware?

So can I change my home routers wifi address?
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