Your opinion - GT 730 on 220W PSU?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Cisco001, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Cisco001

    Cisco001 Well-Known Member

    I've got an old i3 550 Acer SFF spare PC in the living room used as streaming. The integrated GPU is gone. I have a Asus GT730 64bit GDDR3 1GB, TDP 23W

    I wonder if it is too risky to put it in the machine as it is 220W TFX

    +5V 16A, +12V 16A, +3.3V 16A, -12V 0.3A, +5SB 2A

    Official PSU recommendation is 300W.

    Your opinion?
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    Not enough, you will need at least 20 amps on the 12v rail and 300 watts is minimum.
  3. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    This by definition is not possible.
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  4. Cisco001

    Cisco001 Well-Known Member

    Used to start up with Ubuntu, it didnt show anything on screen one day.
    Took the whole thing out and put it in other case and psu, dont seems to show anything neither.
    Stict a GPU in, it works.

    Other reason causing that? No ideas!
  5. Cisco001

    Cisco001 Well-Known Member

    If I need to to put one of this case in my TV cabinet of space 470 wide x 200 height x 400 deep.

    Would it be better go get 92mm air intake from back and add 120mm exhaust at front? problem of this is the air from psu will suck back to case.
    Or keep it as it is with air flow from front to back? The problem of this will be hot air have no where to go at the back.

    (I don't want to spend £60 on new htpc case for old pc...)

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