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Charge or not to charge?

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  1. Should put a price on my time and process

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  1. jmtgb

    jmtgb New Member

    What is the average charge a computer technician would charge to recover many files from a computer that has died?

    The CPU has packed-in and i have taken apart the laptop.
    Recovering the files is simple enough for me as all i have to do is plug it into the spare Sata data and power cords from my desktop and drag the files off.

    I was thinking about doing it for free, but my mother thinks i should charge around £25.

    Just wondering what others suggest?

    also what the charge would be on top of a new cpu if i find the time to fix it?
    was thinking about heating up the processor to see if that does anything
    & or buying a new component if thats not a success.

  2. voyagerfan99

    voyagerfan99 Master of Turning Things Off and Back On Again Staff Member

    At work we charge $50 for data recovery over a few GB. If it's less it's normally $25. If it's over 40GB then it's $100.
  3. jmtgb

    jmtgb New Member

    i havent looked yet but apparently its many files
    The drive is a 340GB so im guessing its at least 100gb
    The client has given me an external USB ready HDD for the transfer.

    thanks for your reply
  4. PohTayToez

    PohTayToez Active Member

    For us it's $35 for a simple transfer, assuming the hard drive is in good working order. If we actually have to do a recovery (i.e. files are not easily accessible) it's generally $75-$200.
  5. Geoff

    Geoff VIP Member

    Who is this person to you, is it a family friend or family member? If it's a complete stranger I would definitely charge, if it's for a family member or friend I'd do it either for free or very cheap.
  6. jmtgb

    jmtgb New Member

    It's someone i personally have never met before, but some woman my mum knows (not very well).

    I have extracted all the necessary files (user folder)... was 24.5GB
    Placed on the external HDD she included.

    Then i fitted everything back into the faulty laptop... plugged everything back together... i hate leaving loose screws around and having it in pieces in my work area.

    Waiting for further notice to find out if she wants me to try and repair/replace the CPU and fix the Laptop. Or to format the HDD for security reasons.

    I won't ask for anything, but will be open to voluntary contributions.

    ///p.s. just took apart an xbox360 120gb HDD I bought the other day for £1.50... its got the same SATA connections as this laptop... done from curiosity. thinking about using it on my tower for college course related files.

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