ZonaAlarm and iTunes


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i want to share my iTunes music library over the LAN at my college, but for some reason i think zonealarm is blocking people from acessing my stuff. it says i have like 1047 blocked intrusions so it must be blocking the people. is there a way i can configure either program to allow the sharing?



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ZoneAlarm is a firewall.

1. Check your university policies on that kinda stuff a lot of the uni's have started implementing some policies etc -- and dont thing they cant track you (unless you bring your own router etc)

2. You CAN configure things with ZoneAlarm but (a) it'll be a serious pain to do so (if you do it the proper way and whitelist) or (b) it'll be damn near useless as a firewall if you do it the easy wasy (blacklist). Thats the thing with ZoneAlarm ... it functions decently well only in the 'middle' and it seems that the in-the-middle option is blocking all your stuff. I'd reccomend a real firewall (or at least a better one), Agnitum's got one for free very nice, easy to fireup rules, clean interface ... i just switched over to KPF myself but ive not forgotten Agnitum's Outpost so if you switch to that i can prollly still help ya directly

3. Regardlss of what you do you will need two pieces of information:
- Your IP, your subnet mask (cuz odds are thats the limit for which you can effectively share). if you want to share wider you'll need more IPs and subnet masks ... that takes research
- What ports are being used for inbound and outbound comminiques
- With this info you can start configuring