Antec 900 Basic Mod Worklog


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After months of looking through the window of my Antec 900 in disgust due to my horrible cable management skills, I've decided to take the Dremel I got for Christmas to the case and see what I can do. And what mod is complete without a professional worklog on a professional computer forum such as this one?

Basically, here's what I want to do so far:
  • Cut holes in the motherboard tray for cable managment
  • Flip my PSU upside down (right side up) and cut a hole in the bottom of the case for the fan
  • Paint the inside of my case flat black

I am constantly looking for new things to do to the case to make it look good, as well as practical. I recently saw a mod that took out the plexi glass on the window with the big hole in it for a fan, and replaced it with just a solid piece of plexi, which may be something I'll consider doing as well.

I am kind of going off of what Kornowski has told me, and these three other A900 mods:,,

As I said above, I'll be using my dremel for cutting the bottom hole for my PSU fan, as it won't be a perfect circle due to the fact that the case's feet would get in the way. I'll also be picking up a step drill bit (as used in the A900 mod) to cut the motherboard tray holes.

Any suggestions on new ideas for my mod, as well as ideas to change the way I'm planning on doing something would be greatly appreciated.

Once I get around to planning out my cuts and whatnot I'll start posting pictures.

I do realize this is a pretty small mod that everyone and their mothers has done, but it's my first attempt at modding a case (first time ever modding anything, really) and I thought a worklog would be a good way to get suggestions and feedback throughout my adventure.


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Good luck, I've been wanting to do this for my antec900 can't find rubber grommets big enough for the psu in a store though. As for the rubber trim for the psu . If you find rubber grommets big enough let me know :). I want to order them online but I feel i'll order the wrong sized ones, I like to visualize before I buy. Oh since you're painting it too, I'd use a sandblaster if you can get a hold of one..


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I was going to get the rubber trim from, but I realized the shipping would cost more than my order, so I tried to look for places other than there. I found a website called McMaster-Carr. They have not only tonnes of different kinds of rubber u-trim, as well as dremel cutting discs for like a fraction of the price of normal ones. I ordered about 10 feet of the 8510K111 (on the page I'll link you) and a 12 pack of the dremel discs.
The website also has plexiglass, which now that I have found a really cheap place to get it, I might start trying to use plexi as well.

Also, I'm not planning on painting anything on the case that is already painted. I'm just painting the metal on the inside flat black, so I don't think I'll need to sand any of it off. Thanks for the tip though.


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I went to Ace hardware today looking for a step drill bit. Turns out anything near the size I'd need is over $40... So instead I'm going to go to my metal fabrications teacher at my school and see if he has one I can borrow.
I also ordered U-Channel trim and some dremel discs from McMaster, and a 5v resistor for my 9700.
Once it all gets here I'll start on the mod.


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Sounds good man! Keep us updated

I'm really interested in that U-Channel that you ordered. Let me know if it works ok.


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It's supposed to get here on Monday with the dremel discs. I'll get started on it then.


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Uchanel stuff works great. It's a little awkward to put on, but it looks awesome when done.

Good luck with, can't wait to see some updates!


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Yeah, got the U-Channel Molding and dremel discs yesterday, and I talked to my metal fabrications teacher about something that I could use other than a dremel to cut small circular holes. He said he could find me something that punches the holes out, so it makes them clean and very easy.
Once I get a hold of that I'll start posting pictures and everything.


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Oh man, those things are awesome! They make factory-like holes. They're hella expensive though!


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So today I got the 1 1/4" slug buster from my metal fabrications teacher, so I started the holes in the motherboard tray.

(Sorry about the quality and blurriness of some of the photos. My camera isn't that great, and I had to turn the flash off for some of the shots for them to come out.)

I forgot to take a legit before photo, but here is the main idea of what my case looked like when it started.

I still needed to use my computer when working on this part of the mod, so I decided to set it up caseless. Temps were very good, and I kept the fans on high.

Completely stripped case. I can't even tell it's the A900...

For those of you who don't know, this is a slug buster (1 1/4" diameter)

How it goes together.

I practiced on an old school computer case, which turned out to be a good idea, because I didn't have any clue how to drill holes with a small drill bit into metal :p.

Fatty old drill I used, with a small drill bit, for a pilot hole for the 3/8" bit.

The bigger 3/8" bit I picked up today at Bi-Mart.

Kinda blurry picture of the small initial hole.

Bigger 3/8" hole.

Bottom side of the slug buster in action before initiating the busting of the slug.

Top side.

Apparently I don't own a ratchet, so I had to use this wrench to tighten the bolt pulling on the cutting part.


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After the buster cuts through, it leaves a distorted circle that it cut out. Thing is, it leaves the part of the case left over completely flat and amazingly cut.

The first parts of my A900 that won't ever be a part of my A900 again... :(

All 3 holes cut. Amazing cuts, really glad I used the slug buster instead of a $40 step drill, or a dremel. :D

The rubber U-trim I got from McMasters a few days ago. Got 10 feet of it for $4... :eek:

What it actually looks like.

First try, perfect fit. Took some fiddling with, but I think it looks great. Electrical tape could probably fix the part that isn't covered, but the hole is covered by my motherboard, so it shouldn't matter.

Decided not to trim the other two holes because it's a hassle, and I'll be taking them off anyway when I paint it.

This is all I got done tonight. It's a Friday night, and I need to go do something not computer related. I'll do the PSU modification tomorrow probably, and will post more pictures then. Thanks for reading! Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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nice work so far mate ive never heard of a slug buster they a completely different name over here but great work


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is a slug buster better than a hole saw when doing this?
I think slug busters are pretty expensive (I got mine from my metal fabs teacher), and have never used a hole saw, but the slug buster was really really easy and made a practically factory-made hole. If you can find someone (like an electrician) with a set of them, I'd highly suggest using them.


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Those cuts look factory made!

That U-Channel seems like a great deal, I'll definitely switch to McMasters