Anyone tried out the new Star Wars mmo?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and Consoles' started by bigmac9787, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Troncoso

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    What do you guys consider a "WoW" clone? A game with quests, guilds, dungeons, and raids?

    I mean, that's pretty much the basic mechanics of an MMORPG. WoW wasn't the first game to do what WoW does. Just because it runs on a similar system, doesn't make it the same game. Rift is a great example. Awesome game, but yes, so much like WoW. Though, it gives it's own twist to the genre and makes it fresh. People who think that all new MMO's that come out are all the same either

    A) Are WoW fanboys
    B) Aren't really into MMO's

    To me, the setting and environment make all the difference, even the story. I'm not in Azeroth anymore, trying to kill the Lich King or Death Wing. So, it's new to me.
  2. TekMaster

    TekMaster New Member

    you actually have a very very strong point here. That is true, I can see that because I'm not crazy about WoW. I like diablo but thats just me. But I see what your saying, like saying CS is a duke nukem mod, just not how it is. Cheers
  3. Turbo10

    Turbo10 Active Member

    haha there was/is, star trek online. I tried it out when it was first out and it seemed pretty bad maybe its improved though!
  4. Bananapie

    Bananapie New Member



    Definitely a great game though. Absolutely love the classes. Also love the way that the companion crew skills were implemented, so that your companions could do your skills for you was neat. Also love the duo-style game play that the companion adds and can easily be used as a replacement if you are struggling to find a 4th or so for something.

    The story, at least for Sith Warrior was wonderful and long, that gave a challenge every quest.

    Absolutely love the PVP. Open world pvp is fun as you can go against either of the two factions, and acts as a free for all. The warzone objectives are a blast, just wish that they would have a choice to what you could play, as Huttball seems to be the majority... fun, but repetitive. Maybe the PVP update will allow for choice, and maybe more zones for each. Also hoping to be allowed to queue in an OPS group, but really don't mind as it helps counter entire premades. Doesn't prevent it, but helps counter. As well, Republic and Empire faction quests normally don't cross a whole ton, allowing for you to level for the most part without being ganked every 15 seconds. It will happen on occasion, but that is the joy of playing on a PVP server.

    The space missions are an added fun on the side. Always neat to do them. Really hoping down the road they implement a guild ship, or allow access to more ships per character.
  5. Troncoso

    Troncoso VIP Member

    Sounds like you've already hit 50?

    I got the the game 2 days ago, and I'm pleasantly surprised. If you've played WoW, it's easy to pick up, but it has plenty of new/different content to still feel new.

    They didn't make it overly complex like they easily could have, given the Star Wars theme.

    One of my favorite things is the story line. You are actually playing through it, instead of picking of bits and pieces here and there. Several times you'll enter zones that will tailor to your class and your progress in the story and make it feel like you are actually having an impact on the world/universe. I love that you aren't forced to gather 5 people if you want to do a flash point. It makes it so much easy to get a partner or 2. And, like Bananapie said, your companions are extremely useful, especially if you can't find another player. You can even upgrade their equipment.

    I haven't tried PVP yet, but I've heard good things about it.

    I haven't really found anything in the game that I don't like yet. I am only level 12, but it took me about 9-10 hours to get there. Haha.
  6. Bananapie

    Bananapie New Member

    Yep, hit 50. Sort of rushed there that way I didn't lag behind like I have done in every other MMO I have played... but I am still behind in this one. Really disappointing. haha :D

    Yeah it is always neat to enter a zone, and their be different characters in different places pertaining to the quest you're on. The social points aspect of the game with other players is neat too, although I haven't had the chance to get it anywhere.

    Having a huge guild makes the game worth it. The guild I am in currently has about 150 people(some alts but it is very often to have 40+ people on at a time). Always doing stuff with them, be it flashpoints, PvP, or just setting up huge OP(Raid) groups when a lower level guild member is being ganked, to avenge them. World Bosses are always fun as well.

    Troncoso, what server do you play on? If you would like to play together sometime, I play as the Empire on Jung Ma(RP-PVP[RP because we thought it would be more mature]). If it is a big deal to you, I haven't seen one person RP the entire time I have played. Definitely be willing to help you out and level an alt.
  7. mathew90

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    imo mmo will just end up to be a massive waste of your time. You can of course buy it, play the solo part and then let go, but you actually have to be able to do that.

    Those games just get you into doing stuff to "improve" your character, which will not really be fun or relaxing (if you think about it)
  8. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    For you personally maybe, for some that is fun. How is it any different to playing another game or watching TV?
  9. Bananapie

    Bananapie New Member

    I was going to post the exact same thing, just in a longer version. It's really no different.

    I personally really enjoy leveling up in SWTOR, and that hasn't happened since I started playing FFXI when it first started. As well, once you capped your level, getting better gear isn't much more difficult. SWTOR as of now doesn't require huge raids. You can do them with 8 people, given there are 16 man modes too that drop the same stuff at the moment. It just adds the extra level of difficulty having more people that need to know what they are doing.

    "Raiding" in this game isn't to bad with competent people, which aren't too hard to find, especially if you're in a guild. PVP also is fun, and abundant. The gear doesn't require a ton of grinding. You can do a good days worth, and with the dailies/weeklies that give you PVP bags, with a bit of luck you could be well on your way to having the 2nd best tier for PVP gear in the game as of yet.

    Each their own though, it is understandable.
  10. Troncoso

    Troncoso VIP Member

    Millions of people don't play MMO's because they don't enjoy it...

    And Bananapie, when I get the chance, I'll have to check the server I'm on. I just chose whatever my friend said to. King Something. It's actually an RP server as well. But, not PVP.

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