Bad Company 2 Thread


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Nev,llanky how can we get to play together as a team,is there someway to do it ingame if so tell me.We are talking about BFBC2 yes.:)

Well russb my 'soldier name' for BC2 is: El_CApitan90

So you can just send friend request via BC2


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Played a great round of rush just a while ago, the map was Port Valdez and I was on the defending team. It started out as a 12vs12 match and about halfway through there were only 4 players left on each team. There was much more suspense since you couldn't afford to die and luckily everyone didn't play the recon class. The attackers didn't lose tickets as fast as they usually do in a crowded game, so we played for quite a while. Both teams were fairly even in terms of skill, but eventually the attackers got the advantage when we couldn't destroy their tank before it got into our base.

The fact that there were so few of us on each team also meant that we really had to work together in order to survive.
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Now that by some miracle my internet works like it should im gonna be playing lots of this since i loved it when i was playing multiplayer a long time ago :3


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l0L !

yesterday, i got on the chopper for the first time. Epic Fail. thing will only go backwards and i crash landed, killing myself :D

how do you drive that thign!?

I had the same problem last night...I was an amazing pilot in BF2. I cannot figure out the controls in this one! I can get it in the air but it never lasts but 15 seconds and I eat dirt:eek:

You need to reverse the air settings in the options. I think by default it's inverted(up means down and down means up) so you have to invert the default so up means up and down means down.

Also they screwed up the UAV as it's going to be the opposite of the option you set for chopper(it's annoying as I usually have to switch the options so I can pilot one successfully).


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Yup people still play. I got mine for 7 or 8 dollars. Sale on steam.

On a side note I did some benchmarking today. I get 42 average frames

I would have got it off stream as well, but my dsl would have taken days to download it :( I miss my cable internet


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finally unlocked all the guns & stuff. playing medic is hard. machine guns give u away to all the damn snipers in a deathmath game, it's freaking stupid.

also, unless your squad sticks together you med kit is pretty useless. stupid people.

oh well. now that i have everything, i think it's time to play something else.


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anyone else getting BSODs after updating to the latest patch?

Not had any issues here. :confused:

What you guys think of this?

DICE cancel Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught and Battlefield 1943.
DICE have just announced that Onslaught, the co-op expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1943 have been cancelled on PC to give the team more time to work on Battlefield 3.

Im not too bothred,Id rather have them focus more on BF3....Cant wait for that game its going to be awesome i just know. :p


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It's good that DICE is putting more man power into BF3 for PC. Hopefully it'll turn out great! Can't wait for more news.


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Well they released a BF3 Trailer,Does not tell/show you a thing though. :D

Wont be out until fall 2011 though :/


I'd like to play this game if it didn't crash every time I click on the server browser. :mad: