Bluetooth issue


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My Wireless headset connects fine, and it works mostly fine.

does anyone know why the symbols are showing up as a keyboard?


also, on another issue.. if the computer goes to sleep, and then wakes up the headset volume is 100% regardless of where the volume slider is set (it says 30% but its BLASTING at 100%) note this is only after waking up from sleep mode

the only way i've found to fix is this is either restarting the computer, or removing the bluetooth device and reconnecting it. both of which are a pain.


Blue tooth and Audio drivers are up to date.

thanks for all the help everyone.


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Do you have the MPOW drivers installed for that headset?

If that doesn't work, in the notification part of your task bar (the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen), you should be able to quickly disconnect and reconnect your bluetooth device via the "connect" button.

It's not necessarily a permanent fix, but hopefully this should alleviate some of the annoyance.


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I've always just gone through the device manager to make sure drivers are updated.

is that not a reliable way of checking?

I think the one from the website i need is this one heree

it downloads as a zip folder. not sure where to put the file after that.


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it downloads as a zip folder. not sure where to put the file after that.
You unzip it and then usually there will be a setup file in there that you run and it installs the driver for you. If there is no setup file then you just direct device manager to the unzipped folder and it should pick up the new driver.
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I downloaded the Driver opened the zip and ran the Setup,

I dont think there has been anychange.

is there anything else i can do to try to fix this?

I just double clicked the zip file, and then hit setup, and followed the instructions, is that okay>?

thanks again./
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Also i just noticed it doesnt actually show as connected, even though it says its paired?


but i'v still got sound. and the problem i run into with audio being 100% even though everything says 30%


thanks again for the help everyone

Edit: i dont know if it makes a difference or matters that the headset has a usb that's plugged into one of the USB's on the back of the PC to broadcast the bluetooth i guess? why cant i just connect it to the computers bluetooth?


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so apparently its not even bluetooth, its a 2.4ghz

so i guess I can rule out that its a bluetooth problem? and that its still probably a driver issue or something with the head phones themselves?

pretty sure i'm going to return them