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Discussion in 'Computer Cases, Power Supplies and Cooling' started by Kagome100, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Kagome100

    Kagome100 Member

    SO my fan thats inside the top part of my PC went out. It's a 190.5mm size corner to corner fan that glows blue. I want another of the same but I can not find one at all... Is 190.5 the right size I should be looking for?
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    What model of case do you have?
  3. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    My geometry skills are failing me or I'd be able to tell you the actual size. But no it's not you just need to measure across (not diagonal), one corner to another adjacent. Likely 120mm.
  4. Cromewell

    Cromewell Administrator Staff Member

    edit: my own bad math. 97.6mm...I'm going to assume a slightly off measurement and saw 100mm fan.

    I'd trust remeasuring a straight side first though :)
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