Dell XPS 15 unstable battery (Or Motherboard)


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I have a Dell XPS 15. I was working on it, everything was cool but suddenly it warned me about the "low battery level" I plugged the charger but the laptop did not take the electricity. Gladly, I had a short time to save my work and shut the laptop down.
I delivered it to a technical company, they said you should change the motherboard and provided an offer with around $850 to fix it.
I did not accept the offer and took my laptop again, I turned it on, it works and it takes electricity. The Dell support assistant program checked the hardware and did not detect any problem.
I got a new battery for it, and, the laptop looks like it working, but when I charge it, it says:
charged 100% .... 4 hours remained (it should be around 8 or 9 hours normally, the battery is totally new)
charged 99% .... 2 hours and 36 minutes remained
charged 98% .... 4 hours remained

This is totally unstable, I do not know if it is risky to use it or if I really should change the motherboard. Can a laptop work if its motherboard needs to be changed?


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Battery usage will vary depending on the load of the battery. If you don't change what you're doing the time will be more accurate. But take it with a grain of salt.


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Did the new battery come from Dell? If not, that could be why you are seeing what you do.