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Discussion in 'General Computer Chat' started by nomav6, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. AainaalyaA

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    gadget? I saw this thing somewhere on the net, and my brother-in-law bought it on one of his travels, and i thought it was awesome - i wouldn't call it a gadget, but its pretty neat and you could actually learn much about your "existentialism" existence so to speak.. let me see if i can find a link to that page...

    --- after a quadrillion femta seconds later---

    weeee found it... but its not the original page that i saw earlier some moons back but that's it... i know its not a gadget {i'd seek tech-geek or is it called something else?? can't seem to remember the name}

    1. http://www.apartline.de/catalog/default.php/cPath/46
    2. http://www.monstershops.de/ecosystem_biosphere_-_together_black.htm
    3. http://ww3.choicemall.com/redmond/index.tam?AOLHelp=411a05be.4e.8c.1&ServerName=redmond.qcommerce.com&MasterShipping=%7e

    Good reading on it... or sumthing to that effect

    1. http://www.zeeone.com/Readings/decay/decay.htm
    2. http://www.biospheres.com/

    Now, as for gadgets, a good one to indulge in would be something like....I'd indulge in, when I can find time to worry about spending money :)

    1. scooter
    2. plasma ball
    3. mmedia thingy
    4. cola fridge
    5. pod

    i dunno - these things are fads right? when I have that much to indulge in, I may have totally forgotten these and might invest in something like an appartment and "incognito" lifestyle in australia, europe or even the maldives... who knowz...
  2. nomav6

    nomav6 New Member

    wow, thats some cool stuff :)
  3. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Yay plasma ball! I got one ... those things rule! :D
  4. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    forget the plasma ball, i want one of those antquariums....
  5. kb1ghc

    kb1ghc New Member

    TiVo! w/ DirecTV

    it kicks Comcast's butt.

    I can't believe i ever lived without TiVo or DirecTV, I just record everything and watch it when i'm bored, so i can just fast forward through the commericials. I just got it a few months ago and i love it.

    I kinda get screwed because i kept cable internet, so i have to pay $7.60 extra a month more for cable internet.
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  6. nomav6

    nomav6 New Member

    thats what I was talking about :) those are pimp
  7. tommy8748

    tommy8748 New Member

    My favorite gadget/toy i'd have to say is my TI-83 Plus calculator especially for those realy boring school days you could just wip it out and play games teachers will never find out :D
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    We got a DVD player that plays mpeg4 videos the other day... that's kinda cool :)
  9. tommy8748

    tommy8748 New Member

    Cool, sell it on ebay (Say it's a collector's edition lol)

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