Google Chrome Black Screen


I just added another 16gb of memory to my computer (32gb total)
While disconnected I took my desktop out and cleaned it out with the air compressor.

Go back in, hook everything up and turn my PC on.
Everything come on properly, watching a movie and all except my google chrome wont work.
I open it and it just pulls up a black screen.

I tried to go uninstall it and when I do, it opens up some other google chrome tab on the task bar and then google chrome opens and I can use it, but only while its in the middle of trying to uninstall(which I cant uninstall it either)

SO what is going on here?

Nothing changed.

Running windows 10 here.


Well i was finally able to get it uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing.

Still showing black screen. Im about to take a damn sledge hammer to this sob


Staff member
Do you have system restore turned on? Is there a recent date available to revert back to test? It's possible the new ram has an issue. Might want to run memtest as well.


Unfortunately I don't think I do. Ill check.

But I need to ask, what is "use hardware acceleration when available" in google chrome?
Found something online saying if I disable this and relaunch then it should work. Well it didn't.
But I kept it disable and now my google chrome is working.

The RAM I bought was corsair vengeance LPX ddr4 2x8gb 2666mhz. Its the exact same stuff that Ive had in my system for a year, just added another 16gb


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You said you added RAM. Run MemTest yet? Not necessarily my prime suspect but since you did just add it would be worth checking.