!!HELP!! blue screen problem, cant fix it!

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by colin_the_muppet, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. colin_the_muppet

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    hi i dont know if this is the right place to post, but since i cant find the problem i guess it can go anywhere in the forums.

    i have recently bought a new pc:

    AMD athlon barton 3200
    Gigabyte pro2nforce2 (rev.02)
    -NOTE- 1GB corsair xms4000 RAM - (explained later)
    Maxtor 120GB hard drive SATA
    Nvidia GeForce 5700 ultra 128mb DDR3 graphics card
    cd rw dvd combi MSI
    550W PSU
    funky cool lights n fans

    ok the pc worked fine, until i played my game "Americas Army" after 5 seconds i would blue screen and get a message saying:

    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (sumfin like that)

    i completely wiped the hard drive and started over to make sure it wasnt a software problem. i tested the game on 3 other pcs, works fine, works fine on 3million other peoples pcs too.
    i was told by many people it was a RAM problem, my board is apparently very fussy with RAM, and is 400mhz, the RAM was 500mhz, but should clock itself down to the board. i tested the RAM, fine. all i could think was that maybe it only does it in the game because the RAM gets a bit excited then the board sh!ts itself.
    so i sent that RAM back and this morning i received my new 1GB(2x512)kingston hyperX pc3200 400mhz.......... same blue screen!!!!

    i am currently making sure i have all the latest drivers for everything in my pc, but i am pretty sure i have.

    has anyone any ideas what the cause of this problem is and how it can be resolved.

    the next thing i might try is a different motherboard, but its easier to post on here than take my computer to bits.

    cheers, colin.
  2. Lorand

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  3. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Hows the voltage and temp?
  4. saiello

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    Had a similar problem when I installed a new CPU, the machine booted to the Windows logo screen then without fail blue screened with the same error message as yours. I replaced the old CPU and the problem disappeared...
  5. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah its supposed to give you a BSOD :p (which is why when you make big hardware changes like that -- be ready to reinstall the OS)

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