Help picking between these 2 motherboards?

So I am done with my Motherboard, would love to get something new, I don't need anything fancy and budget is certainly limited to around $100. I honestly just want it for gaming....

These are my two choices below, which one would you guys pick out the two? also please point out any possible cons that you guys can see with them. Not going to Overclock anything crazy. Also not sure if its compatible with my current RAM? (Signature) and if it will fit with my Cyrorig M9i Cooler?

Any help and feedback is appreciated, tempted to pull the trigger on one of these bad boys soon since they have rebates right now. (Yes one is Micro ATX never owned Micro ATX before but should be fine)

I really like the Micro ATX* (EDIT not ITX) Board more than the Other one. MSI B250M GAMING PRO


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none of these is itx...
Sorry I changed it on the Original Post. I meant to say Micro ATX.

And also sorry for posting the same subject Twice (Admin) I made a new post because forgot I had made this one since no one had replied to it. Sorry about that, my mistake. Being struggling a little over here. My bad.