How do I use my Wi-Fi dongle on my PC?


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Hi all. After being gone for a few days, I have returned to find that my internet is not working. I've tried power cycling the router, but it doesn't work. It makes me think it's a problem with the service itself.

Anyway, as a temporary fix I was going to use my old Wi-Fi USB stick that I used to use, but when I plug it in, all I hear is a little noise that indicates a device has been detected, but I don't see where I can access the device or connect to a Wi-Fi network with it.

What do I do? I don't recall having to install any software with it, and at any rate I don't have any software for it now. Am I missing a setting somewhere?



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What services are you using (e.g. for internet)
What USB stick.

We're not magic.
The stick is a LinkSys with a model number AE3000. The internet is my T-Mobile Hotspot.

I didn't think that mattered much because I figured they all worked basically the same way.


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Look under network adapters in device manager and see what is listed. You should also see any entries that are still requiring a driver. If the linksys adapter has the driver installed already then just connect to your wifi.

Can you connect with a cable to verify the internet is working and not just a wifi issue?


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Can you connect with a cable to verify the internet is working and not just a wifi issue?
That was exactly the problem! Bypassing the router worked, so at least my PC has internet. To get a new router through my ISP would be $7 per month (the one I have now they supplied for free), so no thanks!

I'll just start searching for a router to buy myself. Much cheaper in the long run and probably better quality, too! Any suggestions are welcome! ;-)

Edit: I'm considering this one:

TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Router (Archer A54)​

Very similar to the one I have now.
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