How do you apply Thermal paste to a Direct Heat Pipe design cooler?

Discussion in 'Computer Cases, Power Supplies and Cooling' started by Computer_Freak, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. 87dtna

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    Is that load temp? What are you using to load the CPU?

    Also, what Vcore are you running? Your CPU doesn't put off a whole ton a heat to begin with. Do you know stock HSF temps at the settings you are using now to compare?
  2. linkin

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    I used the rice grain/pea method. no spreading, apart from when i screwed in the cooler. 22c idle temp on both cores. nice and even.

    not only is this method convenient, it works well if done properly (not a whole tube of paste ;) but a small amount)
  3. The Chad

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    Computer Freak? Your from SA?? Damn me too! I though I was the only one from south africa on here!

    BTW, you can get AS5 from Sybaritic for R120. It's not that bad, you'll get a few applications from it.
  4. Computer_Freak

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    my load is 50 degrees (prime 95 stress test) and 46 degrees during games (Crysis, CoD4)

    stock cooler was about 10 - 15 degrees more. I changed the cooler around August (winter here)) and my temps dropped 11 degrees

    so its around there. and the paste hadnt set in at that time

    My bro is running a stock cooler (same CPU) with a 120mm fan blowing directly on his CPU and he is getting 46 degrees. (i just compared, im getting 35, he is getting 45, right this instant)

    I have no space for a side fan, as my cooler it too tall. I wish i did though, but that just means more dust...

    Chad, yeah i am from SA

    See, I prefer to not order online. Dont like giving my dads credit card number online... Especially for such a small item, and pay R50 on top for postage...

    I would rather go to Corex (they supply the stores here) and get a few things (they have an Antec Paste, which is made by AS, its actually the same as AS5, just costs R20 less)

    and while im there, i can buy my next build...
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    Cool, sounds like your cooling is covered now.
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  7. Computer_Freak

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    I did what the last picture showed.

    But i didnt fill the gaps between the pipe and block

    I just put a little more than needed on each heatpipe (not on the block like how they did it) and i think it filled out perfectly

    My temps are very good, computer is stable

    Running 2.81GHz OC from 2.13GHz

    Im gonna push it to 2.9GHz (I cant hit 3 without raising the voltage...)

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