I want to buy a monster PC...

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by DanTheMan, Mar 5, 2006.

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    Good point.
  2. elmarcorulz

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    I thinkyou got the US price wrong ;)
  3. iggy101

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    Im telling you this case is the shiz
    integrated water cooling in the chasis
  4. iggy101

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    I wouldnt want to be Osama:D
  5. robina_80

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    lol my bad its
    13,348.36 USD
  6. Praetor

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    CPU Subsystem -- $16726.61

    Memory Subsystem -- $25185.60

    Video Subsystem -- $1518.00

    Chasis and PSU -- $9061.04

    Primary Harddrive Battery - Applications -- $1765.70

    Secondary Hard Drive Battery - Data -- $5155.70

    Tertiary Hard Drive Battery - Long Term Storage + Media Repository - $2072.99

    Swap Subsystem -- $1599.00

    Primary Displays -- $2709.98

    Secondary Display -- $6378.47

    Audio Subsystem -- $7784.99

    Optical Subsystem -- $114.98

    Network Subsystem -- $2182.98

    Net total = $82,256.04
    A bit over budget but oh well you'll live. 'Sides you can always trim stuff if you absolutely need to.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but (1) you have $80K to play with (2) you know very little about computer hardware (hence the ASRock motherboard, (3) You plan on OC and (4) You want to buy from Newegg and (5) You're asking for hardware advice? ;) This isnt an attack on you ... just an observation :)

    Ya well... I tried to keep it balanced, ran out of money there at the end.

    You'll need to get the M4881 and two H4881 to actually bring it to an extreme level ... or get the Transport barebones as I did and not have to track down those three other components (which are a pain)

    Infrastructure. Videocards, processors ... that all goes obsolete quickly. Infrastructure is much slower to go.

    Depends what you want. If you want quality and sharpness, you cant beat a CRT. Since you're not going to notice the difference (otherwise you wouldnt have made this post to start with), I picked out superior LCDs. As for that plasma: it's crap... because:
    1. 0.786mm diagonal dot pitch. For reference sake, crappy LCDs have a dot pitch of 0.31 .. for reference sake, the CRT I'm looking at right now is 0.22mm
    2. The contrast ratio is pretty good ... the ratio on the LCDs i picked out is higher
    3. In light of the projector, the size argument doesnt fly.

    Sure you can and without having it gold-encrusted or anything either :)

    <inside joke> hehe I'd say I'm the luckier </inside joke>

    Glad to hear, the last punk had to be put down ;)

    I would personally reconsider:
    1. I'm a coder so I spend a boatload of time in front of the computer ... hence I have two-four high quality displays (quality first, size second). Depending on when in the month you ask me, it could be four 17" or four 19" essentiallty the point is "quality of image"
    2. Now if your argument is "I want big screen for movies and stuff" -- get the projector or a plasma as you pointed out earlier. Keep the "typing and general computing" stuff on the "normal sized" displays and keep the movies and stuff on the "media displays"
    3. While you may think gaming on a projector is cool ... in my subjective opinion, I would advise against it. There's simply not enough detail to even make it remotely enjoyable (unless you're playing games involving giant blocks or something ... any game that is detail oriented isnt going to be enjoyable for the reasons i outlined against plasma above)

    See the high end box I set out in Computer Specs 101. And add a change or two:
    1. Upgrade the machine to crossfire (i.e, buya Radeon X1900 Master card)
    2. Upgrade the motherboard to the very prestigious ASUS A8R32 DLX
    3. Upgrade the memory to 4GB
    4. Upgrade the CPU to the FX60
    5. Add a soundcard
    That should have you set for far less than 80K

    1. Quadro on a gaming box.... not a brilliant idea.
    2. Ratpor X? haha. That's humorous.
    3. For the budget he can afford a XFi, no point settling for an Audigy

    It's not bad, however any custom made cooler is gonna be better (that and you're prolly better of with a single good pump than twin mini DC pumps)
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  7. Marskib

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    How did you manage that one? unless the UK has been invaded and burned to the ground and currency rates plummeted...
  8. elmarcorulz

    elmarcorulz VIP Member

    Oh shit!!! you ripped that budget apart like it was a peice of paper!!

    I swear with all those processors and all that ram, the computer would of done something before you even thought of doing it!

    Im sure not everything there is completely neccessary though, i mean, 3 UPS? And that sound system takes the piss abit
  9. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    It's a triple redundant PSU, so one UPS per sub-PSU :)
  10. dragon2309

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    holy crap, bow down in your wrath, that has to be a cf.com record or something.....

    dragon2309 :D
  11. Praetor

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    Record for budget? Yes it is. Record for postlength, VC101 has that one IIRC, Record for most # links in a thread, CompSpec101 has that heh
  12. elmarcorulz

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    LOL, did you have to quote the whole post, its made the page twice as long, so now it takes even longer to scroll down :p
  13. skidude

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    How many gigs of RAM was that?? I lost count...
  14. rahving

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    Holy jebus. Enough said.

    Edit: Btw, I don't think the above really counts as spam, it says it all.
  15. elmarcorulz

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    128GB :eek:
  16. rahving

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    As a test you could try putting a lone Nvidia TNT video card in there and see if it blows up or something.
  17. Praetor

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    Hehe the box already has 5 video output connectors mind you :p Four from the 7800s and one from the onboard hehe
  18. rahving

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    I mean just the Nvidia TNT video card by itself. Lol no other video cards. I wonder if somehow the TNT card could be carried higher performance wise, and if so how much.
  19. DanTheMan

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    heh... i c praetor now... the guy with 18,000post count?
    can u make a PC as good as u possibly can including:

    processor ( i was leaning toward AMD)
    video card
    sound card
    harddrive (i was thinking something that was fast... like 10,000 RPM or 15,000 RPM for primary and something HUGE for secondary)
    Case (atx full tower)
    cooling (i plan to OC best i can)
    speakers (7.1)
    display (three huge monitors)
    OS ( i was plannin on media center... and getting vista when it came out)
  20. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    If my above post wasnt sufficient, there's nothing I can post that can significantly help you further

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