My Lap Top (LT) Had A Hiccup Today

Thank God for my HP warranty!
I went to login on my HP LT today and it read no wifi connection. I did the usual steps of resetting my modem and router, called Suddenlink, and did a troubleshoot. The internet was working according to my modem and router. I checked my CB and it had a wifi signal. So, I called HP.
Long story short, after an hour and 10 minutes my LT had a wifi connection again. HP tech dude said that my IP caused a virus to my wifi connection. He advised me to call SL and report it.
Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? How can I prevent this from happening again? BTW, my LT is protected by MALWAREBYTES. And, yes, I have the licensed version and am paying for it.
I would agree with this. HP totally sucks all around in every aspect.

If your chromebook had wifi, why wouldn't your HP have wifi? So the virus theory doesn't exist. What wifi adapter does your HP have?
Would that be under specs? And, would it be REALTEK?


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Since it's an AC adapter it might have connection issues. I know certain ones do. My intel one always kept disconnecting and reconnecting and it was only a few feet away from the router. I believe it was finally fixed after many driver updates. If you go back in there and go into properties for the Realtek adapter, find out what the driver version and driver date is. It might have to be updated