need help with a laptop


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there is no introduction page so I will introduce myself. my nam is Martin and I live in Morgan hill, CA a bedroom community of Silicon Valley. I took a hardware and OS class 14 years ago. I can get myself through a basic convastion but I dont get too technical. some of my interests are landscpade deign, ham radio, farming

I have a 9+ year old Lenvono Z565. the graphics card finly gave up the ghost as the monitor that I have does not get signal from the VGA port. I am looking to take the harddrive out, enslave it take the infomration off and put it back in. shame on me for not backing it up.

I have a basic idea of what it is that I have to do, but I dont know what it is that I need to buy. I would like some help with that if at all possible. can the users on this forum help me with that.

thank you


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Hi Martin. We lived in San Martin, adjacent to Morgan Hill for 25 years! After I retired in 2016, we moved to Roseville, CA.

What you need is an adapter like this: SATA to USB Adapter. It will do the trick for you.