oil cooled pc (pic intensive)

that's cool, I might build a case out of wood and plexiglass(however u spell that) and use a type of freon cooling. I will be working in a heating/cooling biz's office this summer so, I could learn some thermal tricks. The wooden case would look awesome, though, sanded down and stained like mahogany.


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and oil is a lubricant, so it woulden't wear down anything thats moving.

upgrading would be a huge pain with that.
but, coulden't you have pretty much the same resaults by just having the pc in the frige without the oil? it'd basicly be a temperature controlled environment like net centers use for the racked PCs.
ya i was thinking the same thing about a fridge...i think the oil adds extra cooling...correct me if im wrong somebody...n the creator still isnt satisfied w/ the temperature..so ya thats y i think it is


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yeah okay so you got your PC in a tub of oil, but can you deep try tacos and jalapeño poppers in it? That would be a cool trick!


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lol way to dig up a post. i wonder what happened with it.
It ran like that for months, but then I decided to move and didn't take it with me. A shame, I know, but it was a fun project while it lasted.

And no I couldn't fry things in it, but when my friend mistakenly set his beer in it he got a nice stain on his pants an hour later. That's even better.


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yeah had to get rid of it when I moved. Since this, I made a couple other little oil cooled projects ... but I have been playing around with peltiers lately.


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wow i remember watching this thread months ago, it was really interesting and for the most part still is.

while i'm here i wanted to ask if you could post some pictures of your latest project involving those peltiers, mby ill do the same thing later on