PC USB Keyboard not working on Acer Chromebook


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For my work I have to work from home now. I got a "Chromebook", a device I am not familiar with, but so far I managed to buy an USB C adapter to HDMI to connect the device to my big screen, in order to work better on it. Also a standard USB mouse works fine.

Everything seems to work fine, except the USB keyboard I want to use. That keyboard is working fine on a pc, I just tested it and the pc immediately picks up the keyboard. When I plug it into the USB port of the (Acer) Chromebook it lights up for half a second but does nothing. And nowhere on the OS I can find an option that says, "use external keyboard" or something similar. But this is nonsense, because the mouse also directly works, and on the pc the same, I plug it in, and it works.

So, does anybody know how I get my USB keyboard to work on the Chromebook?
Please do note that I have this Chromebook from my employer so I cannot do anything that requires administrative privliges or removing/resetting items on it.


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Any usb keyboard should work when you plug it in. Not sure what the problem is.
The keyboard should automatically get picked up, that may mean there is something wrong with the USB port you are using on the chromebook. Is there a different USB port you could try? You may need to get in touch with your company's IT department to see what the issue is, sometimes they restrict USB access


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I inserted the mouse in the USB port where the keyboard sits, and it works also fine. But I did also change the keyboard to a gamers keyboard and to be my surprise that keyboard IS working, it's kind of ironic, I have a very simple keyboard which is not working on the Chromebook, but this gamers keyboard does. The disadvantage of this gamers keyboard is that I don't like it. I got it from my mother who bought in an impulse moment and after hooking it to the computer she totally didn't like it. So I got it. But I don't like the thing either, it's bulky. It's a Roccat Talk keyboard. But anyway, I rather type on that thing than on those small flat keys of the Chromebook. :)