Photo Tourney - Food


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'Nuff said. Anything that's normally edible to the human race.

Playing this tournament is simple:

A photo tournament involves 11 participants (maximum). The winner of the last tournament will give a theme, and those who want to participate will post their pictures (Only one per person). If entering a slightly computer manipulated photo, please post the original along with it so users who are voting can see the difference.

After 11 participants have entered the tournament, a second thread will be made in the Off Topic section with a poll to vote on the pictures.

The winner will simply be the one who gets the most votes. He/she will then create another thread in which they propose a different theme for the next tournament.

Some Rules:
- No spot saving; you will only be counted if you have a picture submitted.
- Only one picture may be posted at a time, if you decide to change it, please edit the original post.
- No posting an image that has previously won a competition.
- Resize your pictures to no larger than 1280 x 1024.

Tournaments will have 4 days of voting.

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Lol it's just a regular pancake but instead of being made of say buttermilk, it's chocolate ;)

That looks freakin delicious BTW lol