Photo Tourny: Over-Exposure

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Over Exposure: Not so much looking for blurred car headlights style shots, as we've had that. I'm thinking more, white out. Pictures that are bleached, over exposed in certain areas.

Playing this tournament is simple:

A tournament involves 11 different members max.
The winner of the last tournament will give a theme, and those who want to participate will post their pictures (Only one per person). Please, No more than eleven participants total.

When all participants have entered their picture in the tournament (please submit a link along with your picture), I will then create another thread to vote on the pictures via a poll. Located in the Off Topic sub forum.

New Rules:
- No spot saving; you will only be counted if you have a picture submitted.
- Only one picture may be posted at a time, if you decide to change it, please edit the original post.
- No posting an image that has previously won a competition.

So in brief:
- Users who wish to participate please post your image within this thread followed by a link to the image source.
- After eleven participants have entered the tournament, a second thread will be made with a poll to vote on the pictures.
- If entering a slightly computer manipulated photo, please post the original along with it so users who are voting can see the difference.

Winners will simply be the one who gets the most votes. He/she will then create another thread in which they propose a different theme for the next tournament.

Please resize your pictures to no larger than 1280 x 1024.
This tournament will have 4 days of voting.

You are permitted to change your image but if you could just change the URL in your original post and leave an edited comment with it.

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Some of these don't really fit the topic in my opinion.

Laquer Head's is basically a normal photo thrown into PS and had the contrast and saturation maxed out.

MBGraphic's isn't even over-exposed one bit.

But, I'm not the judge here.

Laquer Head

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I deleted my photo then, I don't overexpose my photos normally so I guess it's best to not enter this contest
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