Read Write rates of RAM and HDD question


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hi guys im new here i have some questions.
lets say we have a ram with 1 GB read and write speed and whe have a HDD with 100 MB read and write speed.

can RAM read 1 GB / s from HDD or HDD will not able to write to the RAM at 1 GB /s but only 100 MB /s . can you guys explain this.

i mean is it the HDD write to the RAM at 100 MB /s or RAM read from hDD at 1 GB /s . i dont understand this please help maybe it is stupid question for you but hey its not for me help me out.


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If HDD can only send data at 100 MB/sec then you can't go faster than that reading data off of HDD to RAM.
If HDD can only write data at 100 MB/sec then you can't go faster than that writing data from RAM to HDD.

You might get a higher transfer rate to HDD buffer on the SATA interface at 6 Gbps (bits, about 500ish MB/sec bytes) or something similar, but any data not in the buffer is limited to that 100 MB/sec part.


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tank you so much now i understand that data read and write is depends on both of them. if one of them is slower its will read or write data with slowers ones rate. but i have another question. when we load data from HDD ro RAM is HDD writing to the RAM o is it RAM reads from HDD