Show us where you live (kinda)


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I live in Nebraska, around the Omaha area. But I like to travel around the State and take pictures tho.
This is a view of Omaha taken from the Iowa side of the river. While "Denther" says Wheat in Kansas, we grow Corn and Soybeans. More to come later.


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Don't really have many pics of where i live,But heres a (Phone camera) shot outside my window of iirc 2011 xmas.



@spirit,Thats some awesome photography there. ;)


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Thanks Nev! :)

Yeah I know where Cantley is. Sugar beet factory! :p

And thanks!

One of the views from my office window.

However, if I look slightly to the right of the factory I can view Hardley windmill turning. Powered by wind, this normally means its time to run to the staithe and go for a sail up/down river :)


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Bit off topic, but do you support Norwich FC :D

I used to follow them everywhere.

I'll watch them from the 'net now, too expensive to go to the games live.

Oh, by the way Kiddo, what have you done to the pictures except for messed em up? The originals were good enough.


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Yeah I know but it looks good to me. Not everybody insists that their photography looks like what you see with your own eyes. ;)

And this is where I agree with you, if you like it, then it's good enough (for you). I'm giving you my opinion :)

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I might post a few pictures on here tomorrow afternoon. I can't guarantee they'll look all that breathtaking considering I live in Southern Ohio, but I'll make a go of it regardless.

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Here's a view from behind the apartment I live in.


Here's a view from the side of the apartment area.


Here's another view. This is directly in front of the apartments.

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Random shot of my school since I so happened to be right outside it with a D-SLR this afternoon...

Actually, the reason why I got that shot was because I wanted to take some photos of various buildings around my school which are soon to be demolished, so I left my bike in the school bike shed whilst I walked around with the camera.

So I've been doing some reading some books lately with old photos in them - notably books with old photos of the Wymondham area (where I live). Some of these photos are as 'new' as the 1980s/90s and as old as the 1880s/90s, but I found it fascinating to see photos of buildings which clearly no longer exist. There's all kind of development going on in Wymondham at the moment with new housing estates popping up left, right and centre and also new things being built, meaning old things get pulled down, so I thought I'd get some photos of buildings which are being demolished.

So, first up, the Windmill Pub. We have a handful of pubs and clearly this one hasn't survived. It's been closed for a few years now, and property developers bought it and will likely pull it down to build new housing. It's named after a windmill which used to be close-by but caught fire in the '50s and is also no longer here. Shame to see it go - it's an old building:

Next up, the Abbey Cars Garage. Pretty obvious what this was, but again, it closed in 2013 and was demolished over the course of winter 2013-14. I don't think it was ever extremely successful (not in my lifetime at least) and appeared to sell only used cars. Now it's being redeveloped for housing - or perhaps access for a new supermarket which is being built behind it.

This is how it looked on October 1st 2013 (closed but standing - look to the right in the second photo and you can see the 'For Sale' sign):

...and this is how it looks today (20th March 2014):

To make room for that new supermarket, some local businesses have been moved (see Bob Clarke Motorcycles, below) and another garage has demolished, as well as an old bus yard:

The Bob Clarke showroom is still standing but demolition awaits...

There was once a garage where the scaffold fence is now standing on the right. See this Google StreetView shot taken in roughly the same place.

This used to be a bus yard, but has been cleared to make room for the supermarket (the bus company has been relocated).

How's here construction of the supermarket is looking as of yet...

So, when all this lot has been built in about 6-12 months time, I'll come back with new photos. Will be interesting to compare the 'before and after' shots. :)


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That's a very small school.

No it's a lot bigger than that. That's only one little bit of it.

I know this aerial photo is small (and outdated since they've built even more), but I think it does it more justice. For a British high school with ~1,600 students (NOT a college or a university), this school is actually quite vast.


The photo I posted is the south entrance, on the very right edge of that circle.