software differences


Admitedly, I'm cheap. But, I go to a couple of software giveaway sites to see what there is to offer. Although I'm cheap, I have been convinced to purchase a few of these freebies.

But, what I find confusing is that it appears some companies provide two different versions of the same software, and I am unable to tell which one is the better version. Just a for instance: Ashampoo has a couple of WinOptimizer program available for giveaway, but one version is a free WinOptimizer 2023 (with previous versions like 2020, 2021, 2022), while the other is a free WinOptimizer 18 (with previous versions being one such as 15, 16, 17).

Not to pick on Ashampoo; I've seen this with several different companies.

So, how do I know the difference between one with a year and one with a version number? I'm assuming they are not exactly the same thing. Can anyone shed some light on this, because Google wasn't any help at all.

Thanks folks.


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There’s no reliable answer for you when even big name entities struggle with product versioning. Also it sounds like some of the differences are superficial and centered around branding/marketing.
I have been convinced to purchase a few of these freebies.
it’s not a freebie when you have to purchase it.


That makes sense. I can rest more easily now. Thanks.

Yeah, and sorry for the confusion. To clarify, I meant that I had purchased a few programs that I initially tried as freebies. I guess my post lacked a second draft.