TPM Module for my motherboard


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Hello, I wanna ask if someone here is capable to figure out what kind or what version of TPM 2.0 module (or higher) is compatible with MSI B85-G43 Gaming motherboard. I've been looking for it for ani hours and found nothing. Thank's in advance for your answers.


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If you are looking for windows 11 compatibility, unfortunately your cpu won't be supported. Only Intel 8th generation and above will be compatible with 11. If you are needing the tpm for something else then you'll need to contact MSI to get the correct part number.


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That Haswell B85 board is pretty old, there were some B85 with TPM headers but they're the 1.2 version. Windows is trying to require 2.0 as a minimum, which is a vastly more modern standard.

You'd need different hardware to leverage Windows 11, end of support of Windows 10 is in October 2025 though so you have about 4 years to upgrade.