USB Secure Issue


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Hello all, I have a seriously ugly problem. I've had USB Secure on my 1TB external drive for a couple of years now, and suddenly I am getting a pop-up that denies me access to my encrypted files (screenshot below). I am not technologically competent, but I REALLY need access to these files, it is absolutely imperative. Does anyone have a clue what this is, how to fix the issue so that I can log-in to the software, or how I could have the data decrypted (I don't even know if this is possible)? Please speak to me as though I am an 8 year old, because that's the level I operate on with these things.

This is so important I would definitely be willing to offer a cash reward lol. I appreciate ANY help or leads, thank you in advance!!

Screenshot (1823).png

Hopefully relevant info:
Windows 10 laptop
USB Secure


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I don't know how the "USB secure" software works, don't know if it takes a password to authenticate you are you.. is it possible the caps lock is on?

If that doesn't work, try a clean restart of the machine. Could be something wonky.


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Either your password is wrong or the software is misbehaving somehow. Not really sure we can advise much. Probably have a hard time decrypting it though if you can't get access normally.


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I'd clone the volume before performing any work, but could you decrypt/mount and run any sort of file system check on the contents?