Wifi hotspot vs smartphone tethering?

I started camping late last summer at a spot we bought..there is no electricity other than my generator. But we get a pretty good signal, so I rented a free hotspot from a local library and went out there and was able to play games with my friends and stream netflix pretty damn well pulling about 24mbps from the 4g unit. I also know my samsung phone is also able to work as a wifi hotspot...My question is would my phone act and perform as the same as one of these wifi hotspots as far as performance? I know I would use my own data but is there a difference between a dedicated hotspot box and using my phone as one? Thanks!


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If you are the only person connecting, meaning you only have 1 simultaneous connection, your phone should be about as good as the standalone hotspot. However, if you have multiple devices connecting, then the standalone unit may be more capable.


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Should be pretty similar, although depending on same/different carrier you may get different signal or speeds. Also if you have CDMA and get a call, everyone will get RIP'd :p