Would that Hard drive be able to do the job?

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by Scrapped>.<, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Scrapped>.<

    Scrapped>.< New Member

    I am looking for a hard drive with huge space. but i am a little tite. so that is what i found. please tell me if that hard drive will do the job that i need it to do. thanks

    I need a hard drive so i can save the animations and Movies and other things that i download on it.

    my download speed can go up to 190KB/S will that hard drive be able to write the data to the disk at that download speed?

    the thinks that it worrys me the most the its Seek time.

    here is the hard drive.

    Quantum 240 MB (LPS240AT) 240 GB Hard Drive

    Key Features
    Capacity ---- 240 GB

    Type ----- Desktop Computer

    Interface Type ----- IDE/EIDE

    Enclosure ----- Internal

    Drive Dimensions ------ 3.5"

    Technical Features

    Interface ----- IDE

    Seek Time ----- 19 ms
    Other Features
    Package Qty. 1
    MPN LPS240AT

    Product ID 20942528

    P.S I had never hard of that brand of hard drives befor. does anyone know about it.

    will i be able to use it in my computer. (i don't have much informations about my computer but this is the model of my compuer)
    SONY PCV - RX550

    They are saleing this hard drive under 40$

    Please give me some commons. is it wors it. will it crack my computer cause it to not work?
  2. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Every harddisk ever made should be able to support that speed, the slowest ive ever tracked is 150KB/s and that was circa-a-long-friggen-time-ago

    If you're using it as a storage drive, seek time naturally isnt a concern

    240MB or 240GB? :) Just look for a 5400RPM, 2MB, massive drive and you should be fine :) Transfer speed and accesstimes arent a major consideration for archive type drives

    They make harddrives :)
  3. Scrapped>.<

    Scrapped>.< New Member

    o will. Thanks for the help

    I call the the store that sells it. and they told me it is 240MB.
    they made a error which says 240GB.

    guse i will just have to looking for another harddrive.

    thanks everyone

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  4. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Dont call them. It's SUPPOSED to be 250GB... you WANT it to be 240GB ... I was just checking to see if you made a typo or something

    Says who?

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