Your hard drive memory


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I was wondering how much memory you actually use. With hard drives up to 1 TB (try defrag-ing 1 tb), I find it impossible to use all of that unless you were burning blu-ray movies and songs non-stop to your hard drive. On our desktop computer we have 37 GB (which is nothing today) but have used about 20 GB over the period of 4 (?) years. I have a few "in depth" games installed but still have not used much memory.

What is your Hard drive capacity?
How much of it have you used?
Is this on a laptop or desktop and do you run a lot of high memory programs?


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I have just a 500GB hard drive now, but my Steam games alone are probably taking up about 80-100GB (just an estimate). I also have about 100GB of videos, 10GB of photos, and 4GB of music. SO out of that 500GB, I have about 250GB left.


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I have 134 gigabytes of storage space that I can utilize with two hard drives I own. I think I have used maybe around 40 gigabytes of it. I don't know what to do with all the space I have.


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Funny this post has cropped up actually,

I've got a 160GB Harddrive at the moment, I only have 20gb left and i'm limited because I would like to have all my games installed so they are ready instead of having to install and uninstall some to play them.

So last night I ordered a 250gb harddrive :) Problem solved and will have plenty of space and a free'd up main drive.


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500gb all together, made up of two HDD's. Pretty much the same as Omega, 240gb free, much of the used space going to steam games or.. downloads.