need computer for vid editing


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so this coming month ill get this cpu and that m/b . then ill have to wait for the other parts.
Unless you can find a super awesome deal it's usually better to wait and buy all of the parts at the same time.


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hello guys.
ok im ready to buy.

heres what i came up with. please look it over and tell me if im good.

i plan on adding....
a ssd
maybe another gpu ( if i can , and if it will help )
another stick of ram

will this case have enuff cooling ?

should i get a fan for it ?

and i plan of getting that
Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.8 GHz LGA 1151 91W BX80677I57600K

down the road.

sorry i forgot to change the m.b.
heres with it..

i found one thing. it was the ram.
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ok let me get this

i have no clue what that sorry..

are you saying the cpu will not work with that m.b ?
as remember the cpu i listed is only for now.. down the road ill be getting that i7 .

so just needs to work good for now.

and let me get this right...

if i pick a different gpu i could use 2 down the road with that m.b. ?

for my needs do i even need another gpu ?
as if im going this far with a pc i plan on playing some games.
and plan on running 2 monitors.

and thanks buddy for the help.

or are you saying that m.b. will not support oc ?
other then that is it not a good board ?
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or are you saying that m.b. will not support oc ?
other then that is it not a good board ?

If you plan to get a Kaby Lake "K" version, then stick to that motherboard. A quick guide:

"K" CPUs support OC (6700K, 6600K, 7700K...).

ZX70 motherboards support OC (Z170, Z270).

X1XX motherboards need BIOS update to use Kaby Lake CPUs (H110, H170, Z170, B150).

You don't need a good card at all, but if you are gaming, get a 470. The price is a bit more than the 1050 ti and it's a lot better. It also has Crossfire compatibility. Some editing programs can use hardware acceleration, but you'd be better off using the GPU money for the CPU, if you don't game (DaVinci Resolve is an exception).

If I was you, I'd get the i5 7500. The price bump is not that big (+~$10 I think), and it's a bit better and newer. I don't know if it's a good idea to upgrade CPUs in the future. By the time you get the money and sell it, the platform may be outdated. So maybe just get a H270 motherboard now and stick to it till you sell the rig. You can always get a 7700 if you really must go I7 at some point. Try getting 16Gb RAM if possible too.


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ok ill get the i5 7500 .

will that 500 p.s. be enuff?

o and i think ill do what you say and pick a different m.b. as that i5 is not clickable.

now need to find a good m.b.

and ill do another build down the road with a i7 k .

let me know what you think.

also i should have said this before...

as this is about $700 pc.

i plan of waiting on the gpu and getting it in a month or two .

so i can save a few bucks right now.

but i will be adding it down the road.
just wanted to add it to the list so you know.

what kind of performance could i expect if i went with ...
Intel Core i7-7700 Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.6 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80677I77700 Desktop Processor

just thinking out load so to speak.

is it worth it ?
with the stuff i have listed will this cpu work ?

would you do this cpu ?
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would you do this cpu ?


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does that mean ya ?

i know its better then the i5 but wandering if it will work with all of my list.

if so i may just get the i7 and be done with it.


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o and i have another question.

what if the m.b. only has 2 fan ports and the case has 3 fans . yes i changed up the case to one with a side window and 3 - 120mm fans included.
plus it has a 5-1/4 bay ( want to add a dvd burner )

but not sure if i can run all 3 fans.

ok will do.
thanks guy.. really.

im trying my hardest to pick the parts myself so i can learn.
but its hard when i dont know much about pc.
but im learning.

and this is the case..
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If the motherboard only has 2 fan headers then you'll either need a fan controller bay or you'll need an adapter to convert the fan from fan header to 4 pin molex connection to power supply.

Also fyi, there is an edit button you can use to edit your posts instead of creating a new one. I've merged your posts together.


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I understand you want to pick your own components but there is not much else we can teach you. If you are gonna buy a $180 470, just get the 8Gb version. The Photon PSU is a good unit but overpriced. The Seasonic is better, with more wattage, and cheaper. If you really want the 80+ gold, you cooould get the Photon. At $64 is a pretty good deal. It´s also fully modular.

The S12II has much better reviews. Honestly I would get that one over the Photon.

Edit: The case is your call. Other than saying "that one is ass" there is not much more we can decide.