need computer for vid editing


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why you say case is ass ??
and i picked the red one instead as it matches the board.

im learning a lot guys.

see by you guys recommending stuff, i look it up and learn about it. and figure out way you say its better ...

as it is very hard for somebody that knows nothing about this stuff.. well i cant say that. i do know about pc but this picking parts and figuring out whats good / or not good and whats going to work for me and what i can upgrade down the road....

but i pretty much have my list. i just keep going over different things. making sure its what i need / want .

please let me know why you say that about the case. is it just that you dont like the look ??
or ??
as i like the look. seems to have enuff room for full size cards, can use a big cpu cooler , can use water cooling if i want.
but what do i know

ok i like the parts in that link... i think i found my pc..

but 1 question.
that case only comes with 1 120mm fan.
should i pick up another one ?
as the case will take 2 more 120mm fans .
im not sure if ill need more then 1 .
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No i didn't mean that particular case was ass. I meant in general, if you ask about a case to someone, you can't rely on them making the right decision. Cases are all about looks, once size and cooling are checked of course, and maybe the amount of frontal USB 3.0 ports.

What I really meant was, if you like a case, it fits your budget and there are no reviews saying "this case is hell" you should just get it. Building a PC for the first time is complicated enough to have to worry about cases too, given that at the end of the day your case only "holds" your components.

The first step would be deciding if you want a Mid tower or a Full tower. There are other sizes but I don't think they are reasonable here.

The second would be checking the amount of fans that are/can be installed and that it has USB 3.0 ports in the front, if you want it to.

Lastly the looks and how much it hurts your pockets. After all your are not going to be looking at your PC, only your monitor.

ok i like the parts in that link

Which link?

About the fans, you should pay more attention at how many more can you install, as the ones that come with the cases are not exactly the best. It is a good idea if it has 2 though. That way you can have 1 intake and 1 exhaust.

You know I forgot to mention: Ryzen is out. You could probably just build a Ryzen rig and get much better results.

That´s cheaper because I changed the card to a 460. As I said, a GPU is not that important for vide editing. Could you tell me what kind of sowfware you will use?

The 1700 should perform between a 6850K and a 6900K at stock speeds.
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If you're doing video editing I'd suggest the 1700 as well, stomps the 6900K in multi threading, which video editing will make use of.

That Tesseract case is fine if you like it go with it. I've worked inside one before and while it's not high end it seemed like a decent budget case for the price. People can nitpick any case if they want to, if you like it go for it. Case is a largely personal decision.


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ill be using the hitfilm editing program.

ok and thanks for all that.. and ya its a lot of info ...

ok ok...

so you guys are saying the Ryzen build will be a better system ?????

faster , better video ...

out of these 2 systems , the i7 and the ryzen witch one...

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ok ok...

so you guys are saying the Ryzen build will be a better system ?????
Yes, for video editing purposes and overall usage the 1700 outperforms the 7700K. In strictly gaming the 7700K will be faster but not by a whole lot and I expect Ryzen gaming performance to improve over the coming weeks and months with performance patches.


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ok ill be ordering it all tonight..

is there anything in that list i would change ??

is there anyother m.b. i can use. nobody has that m.b.

newegg show the
ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS AM4 AMD B350 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 HDMI ATX Motherboards - AMD

$99 m.b.

anygood ???

and it figures , im ready to order and newegg is down. cant even get into my cart.

1 more..
whats a 8g card i can use.
as ill get better performance using a 8gb card right ?
also this will run 3 monitors right . i already ordered 2 and i may pick up another one. if this will support it.
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Board is fine, please share your final parts list just so we're clear on everything.


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ok i found that other board on amazon for $140

ill just go with this..

i got a deal on these..

ASUS VS228H-P 21.5" Full HD 1920x1080 HDMI DVI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor

and ya im getting to

ill just do what on the list and do the 4gb card.

if im not happy down the road i can always upgrade.

as in a few weeks ill be doing another build.
a basic gaming pc. around $400 as it does not need to play any big games. my mother likes playing pong , card game and the like . so it will be a cheap pc. and i can always use that 4gb card in it if im not happy.