Photo Tourny: Cityscapes


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Damn it's hard to think of one we haven't done. I don't think we've done this one yet...


Playing this tournament is simple:

A tournament involves 11 entry's (so there can be 10 after the original entry from the previous winner if the previous winner doesn't choose to enter there will only be 10 entry's) The winner of the last tournament will give a theme, and those who want to participate will post their picture. When we have 11 entries I will create a poll in the Off Topic section where members can vote.

New Rules:
- Absolutely no voting for your own photo.
- No spot saving; you will only be counted if you have a picture submitted.
- Only one picture may be posted at a time, if you decide to change it, please edit the original post.
- No posting an image that has previously won a competition.
- Minor image adjustments can be made to the original image
(please play fair)

Winners will simply be the one who gets the most votes. He/she will then create another thread in which they propose a different theme for the next tournament.

Absolute max photo res is 1024x768





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hhhmmm... hard topic, let me search my external hard drive :p :)

WOW, i don't know where i got this from, but i found it towards the end of my huge search of *.jpg

So here we go :)

Fail much? Nice job STEALING VISTA'S BACKGROUND!!! Want proof? Here is a screen shot AND if you have Vista it is in their Black and White background sections.

You also may want to see this:

do you think we wouldn't notice?...

#tryharder you noob.
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Were you referring to me? I dunno, I figured HDR wouldn't count under major editing.

Btw, thats not really a cityscape picture, it's more city life
Nice :cool:, do you have the original so I can see your definition of "hugely".

Sorry about that Vroom, I meant Speedy :eek:

By hugely I mean the HDR editing, which involves multiple shots blabla which is to me a huge edit from what the first picture looks like... But whatever I'm not going and do not want to fight over that.


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lol, so that is where i got it :D, meh :p, it is editted, and i didn't put the colour in, :D
But you can obviously remember that you DIDN'T take this photo. Taking a shot like that would definitely be remembered. I remember pretty much every awesome picture I have taken. Please remove it unless you can enter things that are not your own work and if you can use other people's works then why even have a contest in the first place?