Photo Tourny: Cityscapes


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I've noticed a trend as well, nobody votes for me :D
My pics are appreciated by a certain few, unfortunately none of them are members :confused:


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Damn dude. I was eating a bowl of cookies and cream while surfing the forum. If your B&W pic was on...i would've voted.:D

Ha, woot woot!

Don't get me wrong, that's definitely a well composed shot, just the fact that it was one building when cityscapes are usually..well, lots of buildings:p

O, I wasn't comment on not using my shot (frankly I'm not proud of that shot at all :p)... I was merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is... or not lol (best movie ever).

It's just how I view photos and how most people view them differently.



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and I've noticed that Kobaj votes for me. Could be a coincidence but I doubt that :p I guess he likes me a lot :p



Pulling Calibretto from his seat by the shirt collar into a dark room, I throw him in the corner chair. A single 65 watt bulb pierces into his eyes while I cry "Who is your source, I demand an answer!"

Ok yeah, I vote like this,
1.Pictures I like
3.Members of CF clan

(I should totally make my posts into stories more often).


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Well you got that right, there's one trend that never changes. Cohen always votes for OMEGA no matter what. :p

That's because Omega received a 5000$ gift certificate not long ago :D

Yep, he is a good guy has some nice gear and a takes very nice pictures.

I guess he must be busy, cause i haven't seen him on lately.

I've seen him pop on myspace every now and then but not on here...