What are you currently playing?


I searched around and didn't find anything... this is a thread that every gaming forum should have :D

It's simple... what are you playing at the moment?

For me, it's TF2 and FSX with a little bit of sourceforts from time to time. Those of you that have HL2 need to download sourceforts... great mod.


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Drakensang its like Never Winter Nights with a KOTR battle system. It starts out REALLY slow but by level 5/6 it gets REAL challenging.

Its like Dungeon Lords...great game that is flying under the radar.

I also stole Tom Clancys End War from my buddy but yet to play it...I love the whole voice command thing. I always wanted that with Vegas 1/2. I hear its boring though...but lets hope future titles have this feature.


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World of Warcraft :yea.. :rolleyes: I think its fun tough, quite relaxing game)
Silent Hunter 3 and 4 (brilliant game... especiallt when playing it in the dark. :) sneaking around in your U-Boat, and then... ping,. ping.. here come the destroyers! )
World in Conflict
Fear 2

have yet to start on Red Alert 3, heard its quite funny.

Lately I've been watching more NCIS episodes rather than playing games tough.

looking at this... no wonder I have a tight schedule everyday.. :|


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Far Cry 2 and GRID. Iv finished GRID but love going back to it. I usually just do one mission on Far Cry then stop for a while. I dont really like playing it for ages cos I get tired of driving from one side of the map to the other for most missions.


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World of Warcraft - raiding with mates on Skype voicechat never gets old. Been FRAPsing raids, editing etc. Awesome fun.

Dead Space, just got it now I have my new rig - :eek:

Tried FC2 last week, hated it, sold it.


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do you like dead space? it has been sitting on my desk for months now and i haven't gotten around to playing it yet.

yes, its fun. and quite scary! kinda predictable sometimes,.. but even when you know something is gonna come, its scary. :x (at least, I do think so)


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Left 4 Dead
Dawn of War II (beat it already now tinkering with multi player)

Then every now and then I will fire up COD4 and Fallout 3, but am waiting for some kick ass Fallout 3 mods to come out.

Also can't wait for the L4D SDK to come out for the custom L4D content! I haven't played video games all week. Probably won't have time till this weekend since it is like 70 degrees out here now, so I am spending my time outside. Probably go back to being cold next week.


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Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 5
Left 4 Dead
Team Fortress
Grand Theft Auto IV.
And some Counter Strike: Source.


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Street Fighter IV

One of the best fighting games I've ever played

I've been meaning to try that game. I will never forget being like 12 years old when the first version of SFII came out and going to the arcades and just seeing like a 40 person line to play SFII. They had this white board where you could throw your quarter down and write your name to keep people in line. I remember that was so insane to see that sort of competition on a stand up arcade box.