What Camera do you have?


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I have several- Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II, 35mm, takes great pictures, have a regular lens and an 800mm telephoto.
Minolta XG7, is broken, 35mm, eats a battery in a few minutes. When it works, it is better than my Spotmatic.
Kodak Cinekodak- this thing is awesome, from 1934, 8mm movie camera. I have a projector for it too.
And last of all, my mom's Sony CyberShot DSC-W70, 7.1MP, great camera.

Edit: the first two cameras are from 1971 and 1977, respectively.


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Samsung S850

8.1 megapixels
5x zoom
ASR *Advanced Shake Reduction*

I like the picture and video quality.
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I have a hp e327 and I have a nikon coolpix 5600 pretty nice but the screen broke so I don't know what I am doing with it.


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u have a few lol
errr i have a
canon 350D
canon A 1
are my favorites i love the feel of the A1 and i love using and developing film
and the 350 is so much fun to use and they are both great to learn with


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for everyday use i currently have a Casio exilim s500 which just cant be beaten for its size and functionality with it. Lovely little camera but soon upgrading to an exilim s770.

But for real camera work I have a classic SLR. Its seen some years this one, ladies and gentlemen i give you my Minolta 7000....

i've got the same extra lens for it too. You can pick the lot up for pennies now but its a cracking little camera :)


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Canon Powershot A630.
8mp, 4x zoom.
Awesome to use, great results. Quality!

Not a DSLR but money or lack of...dictates what I have.

I also have a Pentax SF7 . 35-70mm. Macro.
Great camera.


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Canon S3IS
58MM Adapter with...
-58mm Linear Polarizer
-58mm ND8 Filter

And... a couple of sunshades, rechargeable batteries, tripod, the norm.

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Wow, thats a huge lens, lol.

I also have the Canon S3-IS and love it, but dont have any aftermarket lenses on it.


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For my DSLR, i have the Nikon D70s, takes great photos and load of features.

But for black and white, a regular SLR, Nikon N50, as theres no comparison in digital black and white.


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First I want to say that the camera doesn't make the picture!

My camera is a Olympus D-545 Zoom
4.0 MP
12X ( 3X optical + digital)