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now another update.

time to look at the various little UV bits ive got my grubby little mits on..

And been playing with my Zalman fan-controller.



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no, lucky bastard could be applied to the fact ive got a good chance of getting a 24" Dell moniter after-Christmas!


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About half an hour ago, i fed up with waiting to hear from my Local Powder-Coating Shop

Its turns out, the case was done on Boxing Day, but it was forgotten about. Anyway, it turns out can collect it Tommorow morning.

It ended up being done in Satin Black, with about 35-45% Gloss in it.

Ive also got a good camera (Sony H2 i think :sigh: ), and now a Tripod for better quality picceys.. :D

(but no 24" Dell :(


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Update - 7 | 01 | 06

Well, happy New Year all! I got back from Skiing in Italy today, and have been having lots of trouble with an old knee problem, and my left hand, especially my wrist is playing up :(
Me bum is also a litte sore from the Ice at the Snow-park.... :D

So, this afternoon, after lunch, i got my Dad to come up and help me out...

I think all of these Noiseblocker XL2's go very well with the general colour scheme, as well as fitting in with the rad.

The BIX2 fits perfectly into these Chieftec Midi-Tower cases, with pretty much un-impeaded air-flow.

Mobo shoved in there....


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The DDC is mounted on some special anti-noise foam that i got... seems to do the trick.

all looped up...!

now all i need to wait for is my Anti-Alge stuff and some new CCFL's ect.


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Wow it took you almost 9 months to get this done well close to done just like a little baby, is it your little baby???


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I was not expecting to see some serious progress so fast. Way to go. I do agree we need to see more mods appearing on cofo. I love it. Looks like cooling will not be an issue at all.