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Second part of the update... :naughty:

I finished off sanding the front door with first 400 Grit, then 1000 Grit Wet-and-Dry

everything will be black on the bezel, and the white bondo is actually as flat as the bezel even thought it doesn't look like it. It just need some painting and acrylic....

I think its easiest to plumb with the Res at the top, and also makes filling easier while the roof is off...

I drilled 2 x 4mm holes in the base, and then filed them off. Its mounted with M4 x 20 Bolts with a nut on each, and a bit of 3mm neoprean underneath it....

It looks quite nice on the bottom with only two small bolts..

I started plumbing the loop with 1/2" ID (about 3/4" OD!!!!) tubing. I also wanted it to have a smooth curve down into the inlet of the pump..

Because of the Hex nuts on the Repack 5.25" Res, i had to dremel out 3 bits from the door..

(under the glass bit of my desk, looks cool!)

I also tested the Cold Cathodes. They are Hiper Purple ones, but i may swap them for proper UV ones....

LED testing for the CPU block and the Pump. I'll tryt and pick up some that are the same colour as the CC's if i decide to keep them...


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I first tested the blue LED on the TDX....

The on the Pump, which i think looks very nice..:D

This is my ACRyan molex cable thingly... its green, but it will eventually change...

I properly started plumbing, hopefully ready for leak testing tommorow..., just aslong as my Other Package comes tommorow (it should have been here this morning, but it isn't, and they won't answer my e-mails or phone calls... :(


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I then shoved in the CC's and the LED into the TDX, and i love it!

there should be a little update later tonight when ive finished plumbing it all.....:D


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i finally got my last package at 8 this morning....

inside was::

5x XL2 Black Noiseblocker 120mm Fans
2x 12" UV CCFL's
1x 50cm UV Black SATA 150/300
2x Blue Vandal Switches.
a 120mm Dust stopping thingy....
and some LED's i didn't order...!

I really like these fans, move lots of ar, and i can't here them !


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and some more piceeys...

I need to get another blue LED for the TDX as well...

the fans are being restrcted by the front, nd its gonna be cut next week.


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are you young to make the fronside look a bit better internally? I mean,.. youre not going to leave that cutted front as it is now, are you? :eek:

but further.. it looks nice


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ah, missed that one :D just a questiuon tough... why Fans on both sides of the radiator? I mean,.. its not like it adds much to the airflow of it, since the air pushed in on 1 side cant go anywhere anyway, so they would only drain power, and add noise. (I gues im wrong then... but hey, its how i see it.. ;) )


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Well, i got home at 2ish this afternoon and got a litlle bored while waiting for the new BF2 Patch to download, so i got some new picceys and lighting shots...
Ive had some bad news in that the Powder coating never actuakky happened.
SO, im trying to find a local shop that will do it for me.

anyway, ive done my window....

I didn't want to have the window looking how it does, but after i cut out the wrong sections, this is what im stuck with.

Thats my basic plan with the lighting. I'll have 4 UV cold-cathodes, and a single Purple one, hopefull running @ 5V or 7V..

any way, on with the LED's and piccys....

My lovely RAM, which i'm lead to believe is CH-5..



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Ive changed my Opinion on the PSU, allthough the modualr Connectors are very long, its nice and quiet, and was fairly cheap. Id give it :thumb: :thumb: (2 thumbs up.)



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Slowly, but surely, you're getting there. I like reading this topic and watching the case 'evolve' :)


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very very nice looking

i like the purple/UV cold-cathodes in the side panel

so what else have you got to do before your master piece is done???