Project :: Dark_Water


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all of this stuff is until i can afford a Dual 601 Xeon rig...(wchic is gonna cost me like £2000)

Opty 146 CAB2E 0602 GPGK
1Gb Viteasta DDR-500
SLi deluxe
X1800 XT
160Gb Hitachi deskstar
Hiper 580W Modualr PSU and a hell of a lot of fans and WC'ing stuff


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Nice work. You are making me hate my thermaltake armor case... I can't do stuff like that on it. Well I could... but I don't think I could bring myself to doing that on a case that I paid $150 for. Plus it has amazing cooling anyways...


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if i havn't allready told you, ive made a few design changes...

its still going to be 'black' but all of the mobo and PCI I/O ports are going to be kept silver, and possibly polished, depending on how im feeling...

and ive also found someone who is offering me a good deal more cash that this is going to cost for the entire rig.... mmmm conroe or dual 771.......


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IM still waiting for the 'big' package full of my stuff....

and ive been away since friday in cornwall.


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Woah u did ablot since the last time i saw your 1st post. very nice work


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i got bored today, so i decied to have a little go....

I firstly re-drilled the holes...

A little cutting...

And a little more.. the rest of the cutting will be done with a jig-saw, when i can convince my dad to get one that works...

as we are now, where the rad and fans actually fit..

and ive been testing fans allday.. thinking of going for some Akasa Ambers...



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well, now, ive managed to get the money, i will not be puting my Opty and Asus into this, instead,

Core 2 Duo Baby!!!!!!!!